Future Nephew

I.cannot.wait!  I’ll be getting my very own nephew in about a month and I am excited!  I’ll get baby snuggles and I won’t have to go through labor for it!  Can it get better than that?

My lovely sister-in-law, Darcy is expecting baby Gibson and while at her baby shower, we sneaked off  for a few maternity pictures of her and my brother-in-law.

She is radiant.

Aunt Darcy with HER nephew and all her nieces.

Of course I have to include some pictures of the cutest little attendees to the shower.  That, down there, was not posed.  How did I get so lucky with a daughter that does THAT on her own?!?

And, because I love flowers and this baby shower was surrounded with beautiful ones…

We’re counting the days, little Gibson.  I can’t wait to hold you, sweet boy!

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