Taking photos in less than ideal locations

A few weeks ago I was driving in the car with my kids and I spotted some beautiful tall grasses. The surroundings in the area weren’t the best but the grasses themselves had one view, from a certain angle, that I knew would make a beautiful backdrop for a photo. I thought it would be a a great example of taking beautiful photos in any location if you know what to look for. Thankfully, one of my kids was decently dressed and had been wanting me to take some pictures of her with her new doll, so she was game to play along.

We pulled the car over and hopped out. This is what we saw when we first drove by.

Taking photos in less than ideal locations 1

I realize that at first glance, this doesn’t look like much, however, those tall grasses are a neutral backdrop and the pine trees in the background were diffusing the setting sun. This little patch as just across the street from District 850.

Taking photos in less than ideal locations 2

There was garbage on the ground and cars passing by but I saw potential. I placed my daughter in one spot that was free from trash, with the grasses and pine trees behind her and took these photos.

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