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Each mama has their own, natural way with their children. Some of us are silly and playful, some are real active and vocal, others are quiet and strong. These are all excellent qualities. I tend to lean on the silly and loud side. In our house, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. This isn’t always an advantage. This session’s mama is in the quiet and strong category and a big part of me wishes I had more of that meekness in me. Her children can rest in it and their home was peaceful. I’m also under no illusion that ANY home is always like that. Life with littles in hard and we all reach our limit. I love when I get a glimpse of families whose flavor is seasoned with that gentleness I so long to taste. It is everything “home” to me.
Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee FL newborn family phographerSarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee FL newborn family photographerSarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee FL newborn family photographer

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