Mommy and Me – My Little Reider is 4 Months

I am in love! I’m in love with my baby boy. I’m in love with these pictures and I’m so thankful for my sweet friend, Aislinn, of Ais Portraits, for sharing her talent with me to take some pictures of me and my sweet Reider.

You cannot imagine how nervous I was about doing these. Nervous about wanting to lose more baby weight first, nervous about not having time to get ready (hello, dry shampoo!), nervous about being awkward in front of the camera… yes, even photographers feel that way. But, ladies, I am SO stinkin’ glad I did these! I mean, seriously! Who wouldn’t want sweet mama-baby snuggle pictures of yourself with your little one? This is was that first year is full of! This is what you’ve waited for 9 treacherous months! This! The snuggles. The cuddles. The sweet baby smell, may it supernaturally linger longer than it should (I legitimately prayed that).

There aren’t enough words for how glad I am that I put those nerves aside and let a pro (who knows women’s bodies and how to use flattering angles) capture this amazing, and short, season that is infancy.  I cannot say enough about how thankful I am that I shut my inner self conscious voice up for long enough to do these. I dream of offering this service to Tallahassee mamas (hint hint, I will be), and ladies… I watch my angles like you wouldn’t believe.

Thank you so much Ais Portraits for your amazing talent, and thank you to The Fount Collective for featuring this session with your beautiful collection of photography. You and I are kindred hearts.

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