What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

What is lifestyle newborn photography

What is the difference between lifestyle newborn photography and a posed newborn session?

My approach to photographing a new baby is called lifestyle newborn photography. This simply means the focus is on your natural connections as a family instead of the use of props and heavy posing. While I use gentle guidance for posing (yes, i’ll tell you what to do with your hands), my main goal is to photograph the love between family members, and the awe they share at their new baby. I don’t physically pose baby or use any props aside from a swaddle blanket. Instead, my style allows you to be fully present in the moment.

A lifestyle newborn photography session might be right for you if:

  • You prefer natural, candid moments captured during this sweet season
  • You want posing guidance without feeling overly posed or staged
  • Real, authentic moments that help you remember this season
  • You want photos that focus on connections 

These sessions don’t include:

  • Traditional posed newborn photos that include sleeping babies, props and specific outfits
  • The use of any props. Since I focus on the documentary side, I will not be posing your baby in any baskets, blankets or bowls.
  • Specific outfits, hats or accessories. Instead, baby will stay cozy in a swaddle, onesie or other special outfit that you supply (I do have a few knotted gowns, blankets, and heirloom gowns that I can bring.)
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Where does the session take place?

Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in your own home. These sessions typically involve baby’s nursery, your master bedroom, or your living room. Lifestyle sessions are meant to capture life in your home as it is in this moment: full of excitement, joy and love. I will look for the spaces with the best light in your home and we’ll “set the stage” to take your photos. Never be worried about the state of your house. I promise, we can create beautiful images anywhere in your home. I’ve photographed families who had their whole home packed up to move just hours after their newborn session.

Does a home need to look perfect for lifestyle newborn photography?

Absolutely not! I have no desire to paint an unrealistic picture of my client’s day-to-day lives. My clients say they hire me because they like the photos they see on my website. They like the connection between families in the images. It’s my job to deliver your own family photos consistent to all the other photography you’ve seen from me. Even if you don’t have a perfect house. Spoiler… no one does.

I LOVE what I do. We’ll take the exhaustion that is newborn life and photograph it in a way that helps you remember the sweetness. I vividly remember the fatigue that accompanied my babies early months (the first 6 months of my second child’s life are still a complete blur). My husband and I were so tire and you will be too. Because we try to do these session during the first few weeks of baby’s life, you’ll likely be too tired to tidy a house and too tired to decorate any more than what you did before that little one came home.

Don’t let your home stop you from photographing your new baby within it.

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When should you book your newborn session?

I recommend booking 3-4 months before your due date. This will ensure I have availability for your due date window (two weeks before and after your due date), and give you enough time to prepare. When you book your newborn session with me I provide you with a prep guide to help you get things ready before baby arrives.

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Contact me to learn more about my booking process and collections. I’d love to add your little one to my calendar.

Want tips on taking your own newborn photos at home? Check out this post to help you photograph baby’s first days at home, before I get there to work my magic.

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